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I was intrigued by the antics of Jer­ry and Kil­dow and impressed with Kildow’s charis­ma. The first night we went into town around 8 in Kildow’s ’56 Ford.

A rat­tly black coupe that he would bet any­one they couldn’t snatch a five dol­lar bill off the dash­board while he was accel­er­at­ing.

In high school I had scrubbed the girls’s shit­ter at the J C Pen­ney store while the cheer­lead­ers wait­ed after school to get in and pee and primp. Any­one who ever worked a shit job with no exit in sight has plen­ty of that.

The store man­ag­er knew my par­ents and I learned lat­er that it was his per­son­al inter­ven­tion in sched­ul­ing that had placed me scrub­bing the girls’ restroom while they watched. I had become a work­ing man by age eigh­teen as much as I could say that I was any­thing.

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Her place had a fenced in back­yard and he moved his four­teen year old Bea­gle there from his mother’s back­yard.This was a pre­vail­ing wage job since it was all munic­i­pal and state projects so I could make enough mon­ey this sum­mer to pay all my col­lege expens­es.I climbed in my sleep­ing bag and closed my eyes lis­ten­ing to the crick­ets and some night birds I couldn’t iden­ti­fy and smelling old manure and oil and grease. I inched my hand over and felt the fur and then came the flur­ry of bat wings as the sono­fabitch took flight again. Jer­ry and Kil­dow were already dressed and get­ting it togeth­er for anoth­er day in the field.I just knew I need­ed to hear what they had to say about their world and the plen­ti­ful pussy there.And then there was just work itself that led me to have enough respect for their world to enter it. My arms and back swollen with sore­ness every morn­ing for two weeks.

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