Problems updating flash player chrome

Some readers found my comments encouraging people to uninstall Java if they don’t use it Oracle’s Java runtime software is required to run Java applets on websites and desktop software written in the Java programming language. I’ll also tell you what you can do to help protect yourself. Having Java installed increases your attack surface.

When installing Java, there are a few things you should consider, especially regarding security.... Now picture a browser with multiple plugins – Java, Flash, PDF reader, Quick Time, Real Player (I’m sure some people still have that installed), and more – and you’ll see just how much plugins increase your attack surface.

To avoid a dreaded Windows re-installation, you should perform a thorough cleanup at least....

You don’t have to go far to find studies about how big a problem browser plugins are.

We’ve already established that browser plugins should be updated frequently, but: Browser plugins are on their way out.

Firefox is more flexible than other browsers like Chrome but it also gradually slows....

To enable click-to-play in Chrome, click the wrench menu, select Settings, click Show advanced settings, click the Content Settings button, and enable Click to Play under Plug-ins.

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