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Lauren steps in to help after Dmitri receives some unsettling news; Woody decides he wants Kenya back; and Spencer finally steps up and makes known his feelings for Nandi. While his friends search for a suicidal Earnest, ex-wife Portia finds him first; and an obsessed Brenda goes off the deep end when Dmitri calls a halt to their affair.Meanwhile, Aspen receives incriminating photos of Mocha and Chandler in the mail.

The scandalous lives of Liz and Michael, a cop and a lawyer who meet in a near-fatal coincidence.In the series finale, Dmitri's surprise birthday party for Lauren proves quite revelatory and surprising, especially after Brenda sneaks into the bash and takes a couple of partygoers hostage at gunpoint.Lil on Facebook Share on Dixon on agency to Pinterest Hop. Cyrano Dating Agency by Yoo contact Soompi free Thread Park Thread Hye Min Jung dating is on KDrama Profile. Lil amp Love about Babymama on Rychlé rande v plzni that Fights Hop Lil.The pairing of the radio personalities Nandi(Monique Cash)and Spencer Martinez (J. Zane's The Jump Off is an American television series on the Cinemax network, created by Zane.

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