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Annuity rates can vary considerably from one provider to another.Make the wrong decision and you could be landed with an unnecessarily low income for the rest of your life.You can ask for form BR19 and fill it in to get a forecast of the state pension you are building up. o If you are on the point of retiring and have a pension fund that has to be converted into a pension income in the form of an annuity it is important to get advice.The life insurance company that runs your personal pension plan will certainly offer you an annuity, but you may well have the right to exercise the "open market option" and go to another annuity provider.For more accurate information, please refer to the official SSS online inquiry website where you can find specific detailed report regarding your SSS concerns.As a tip, it is best to access SSS at night or visit my SSS website guide when there is fewer people trying to access there.The PIA Ombudsman rules on cases involving companies regulated by the Personal Investment Authority (or PIA), including many life insurance companies.

But not understanding pensions can lead to poor decisions that will have a serious impact on retirement income.

The magazine is stocked by many newsagents and costs pounds 4.50; or ring 0171-896 2525.

o IFA Promotion, a body that promotes independent financial advisers, can also supply a free list of IFAs. o The Society of Pensions Consultants will supply a list of its members.

The Personal Investment Authority runs a dedicated helpline to give advice on this. o It is easy to lose track of pension rights built up with a former employer, especially as a lot of companies change their name or are taken over. Ring 0191-225 6393, or write to PO Box 1NN, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 1NN.

o For advice on state pensions contact your local DSS Freeline Social Security on 0800 666555.

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